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NM Chiropody Treatments

Miss Niku Mehta Bsc.Hons, M.Ch.S is a fully qualified podiatrist / chiropodist. 

She has 15 years experience and is H.C.P.C registered and a member of The Society Of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

NM Chiropody is HCPC registered
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NM Chiropody Treatments
Cracked Heels
NM Chiropody Treatments

Cracked heels are caused by excessive pressure on the calcaneum bone so the body produces hard skin to protect it. If the skin is very dry it has the potential to crack and become very painful and may also be an open site for infection where dirt or sweat can get into the cracks.

Diabetic Feet
NM Chiropody Treatments

People who suffer from diabetes must take extra care of their feet and see a podiatrist on a regular basis. We can keep an eye on diabetic foot and look out for any potential problems that may arise from the condition.

Corns & Calluses
NM Chiropody Treatments

A corn is a condensed mass of hard skin, cone shape with a tip. They can be removed quite easily and without discomfort but they may return with repetitive friction or pressure on one particular point of the foot.  Callus is usually caused by excessive pressure or friction over an area of the foot.

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